Stored Products Research & Education Center

SPREC People

A list of the people that make SPREC possible.

Rocky Walker, SPREC Manager 
Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station
139 Ag Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-624-6244

Steering Committee

Advisory Board

The SPREC Advisory Board is charged with providing advice to OSU faculty and staff for the best use of the SPREC facility in research and education. The Board will be composed of approximately 12 to 18 members from outside OSU who represent the following broad partner and/or clientele groups.

  • Grain and allied food industries of Oklahoma
  • Grain and allied food industries at national and international levels
  • Pest management industry
  • Postharvest technologies industry
  • Government research and extension organizations
  • State university or regional public research and extension organizations

The Board can, among other activities, review current and proposed research and education programs of SPREC-affiliated faculty and staff, provide feedback on such work, and propose ideas for future work that are perceived as important from the view of various representative groups on the Board. Communication between the Board and SPREC-affiliated personnel will occur at an annual meeting and at other times as needed.

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