Stored Products Research & Education Center


Links to other Stored Products Resources

Links to other Stored Products Resources

Purdue University Post-Harvest Grain Quality & Stored Product Protection Program

Where "Quality Grain is Job#1!" Includes:

  • Research Projects and Reports
  • Extension Projects and Reports
  • Post-Harvest Education and Research Center
  • Extension Publications, both those that can be ordered along with many that are available on-line
  • An excellent and exhaustive list of links to Web sites about Stored Products, such as other university sites, equipment, government, seed companies, pest management companies, on-line journals, and national organizations
  • S.L.A.M. = Sanitation, Loading, Aeration, and Monitoring, to maximize grain quality during storage

Grain Marketing and Production Research Center
Located in Manhattan, KS. Web site includes links to the multiple units at the Center:
  • Grain Quality and Structure Research Unit
  • Biological Research
  • Engineering Research
  • Plant Science and Entomology
  • Wind Erosion
Also includes progress reports, the quarterly newsletter "Research Kernels," and description of the 2001 International Wheat Quality Conference.

USDA-ARS Methyl Bromide Research. Includes a description of the issues surrounding methyl bromide, the role of USDA, research on methyl bromide alternatives, and their newsletter "Methyl Bromide Alternatives."

Post-Harvest Handling of Crops at the University of Minnesota. Includes:

  • Timely topics (such as identity preservation of genetically engineered grain)
  • On-going programs
  • On-line Extension publications
  • A home-study course
  • Down-loadable software

Canadian Grain Storage. Includes:

  • Summary of Methods to Control Stored-Grain Insects and Moulds
  • Principle Storage Insect Pests
  • CanStore: A Computer Program to Assist in Stored-Grain Management
  • Canstore on the Web (Online Version of CanStore)
  • Phosphine Corrosion Calculator Download
  • Downloadable publications
  • Images (including insects, mites, molds or with a Canadian accent that would be moulds, and storage facilities, equipment, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Reference Databases

Food and Environmental Research Agency in the United Kingdom. Includes:
  • Descriptions of research programs
  • Laboratory services (plant diagnostics, water testing, pesticide residues)
  • Research programs, such as biological control of insect pests, peanut allergies, genetically modified organisms, drug and pesticide residues, environmental contaminants
  • Additional links, including Pesticide usage survey of England and Wales, and pesticide risks to vertebrate wildlife

Department of Stored Products, Vocani Institute, Israel. Includes:
  • Description of the ecosystem of stored grain
  • Research updates on multiple new techniques of storing products, such as use of vacuum and hermetic sealing
  • Research updates on different structures for storing commodities, such as bunker silos and "Volcani cubes"
  • Methods of storing multiple commodities, such as cocoa beans, coffee beans, flower bulbs, and dates
  • Links to international cooperators

Postharvest and Bioregulation Research Unit of USDA-ARS in Gainesville, Florida

GrainNet, News & Information for the Grain, Milling, Feed & Seed Industries. Includes:

  • News affecting the grain industry
  • Supplier News and New Products
  • Directories of products and services
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