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Grain Storage Facility Design

Links to Fact Sheets over how grain storage facilities are designed for efficiency and safety.

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Fact Sheets

  • Aeration and Cooling of Stored Grain - BAE-1101 presents information on operating, specifying and designing an aeration system for stored grain. By Carol Jones and James Hardin (pdf)
  • Aeration Systems for Cone-Bottomed Round Bins - BAE-1103 This fact sheet presents information for the design or selection of aeration system components for cone-bottom round grain bins. By Carol Jones and Geetika Dilawari. (pdf)
  • Auger Conveyors - BAE-1105 The purpose of this fact sheet is to describe various types and uses of augers. By Pete Bloome, Sam Harp, and Gerald Brusewitz
  • Bunker Silo Sizing and Management - BAE-1011 This fact sheet provides management tips for properly locating, constructing and managing a bunker silo to obtain the maximum benefit in both feed quality and quantity. By Raymond L. Huhnke
  • Design of Closed-loop Fumigation Systems for Grain Storage Structures - BAE-1111 This fact sheet discusses design of closed-loop fumigation systems for grain storage structures. By Carol Jones, James Hardin, and Edmond Bonjour

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